Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another double ear infection:(

My poor girl has another double ear infection. I would have never known but her cough has been so bad that I decided to take her in for that and knew there might be a chance for an ear infection and sure enough. One ear looked really really bad. They put us on a stronger antibiotic so I hope it works. She has been waking up all night with this awful cough for a week now but never once pulled on her ears or gave me any indication that her ears hurt. She must be a tough girl cause the doctor said they were pretty bad.

We still had our swim lessons on Wednesday and she is such a little fish. She does so well and it makes me so proud. She is a natural in the water. We also had a playdate over here and had 5 1 and 1/2 year old over here. They all do so well together. You would not even know that there were that many little ones over here.

Her latest thing is she loves to call the dog Samson or pretty much just walk around and say Samson. She says her "S" very funny, we hope she does not have a lisp.

Brady and I got to enjoy a night out on the town last night which included the normal dinner and movie. Very exciting couple we are, I know. But it was nice because once baby #2 comes we will not be able to do that with the whole breastfeeding. So we are taking it all in for now. Still no name but hopefully before she comes we will have one.

Here is a pic of me 27 and 28 weeks.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Playing outside in January

It has been so hot, well I should say nice here. We have been going to the park and playing outside just about everyday. It has been amazing. Brady build a dog run for the dogs so we now have a clean backyard for Addisyn to enjoy. It has been super nice. We have a jumping castle that she loves and she loves to throw the dogs ball to them.

We also started swim lessons on Wednesday and she loved it. I knew she would cause she loves the water. The only problem was she is used to just getting down and walking in the beach entry pool but we were in the 4 foot depth and she was not happy with me just holding her for the whole class. She is very independent.

Also her latest thing is tip toes. She does it all the time. She says ut-oh for everything. We are trying to get her to say it at the right time but she just loves to say it all the time.

As for baby number 2, she is kicking up a storm right now. She is moving all over the place. We took a test to see if I have gestational diabetes. Last time I failed the 1st test and had to take this long 3 hour one so I hope I do not have to go through that again. We should know any day now. I have my Dr. appointment tomorrow and hopefully everything is great. I am starting to get uncomfortable. It is not as easy to get on the ground and play with Addisyn as I used to be able to.
26 and 1/2 weeks

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Back to Work

It has been a very nice break. Brady has had off pretty much the last 2 weeks and only worked a bit here and there and we were super lazy but that is all over with. We got a lot of projects around the house done and a lot of rest. We even got in a date or 2. We love having Grandma's in town. Addisyn spent the night with each Grandma once and we went to dinner and movie one time and the other time did a lot of little things around the house.

But it is back to work for Brady and for me in a sense. We have bible study on Monday, library time on Tuesday, we start swim lessons on Wedsday and playgroups on Friday. We will also be hitting the gym up again. We have not been in so long and Addisyn has not been sick which has been nice.
We went to the zoo today cause it was so nice. It was like 75 and beautiful. Addisyn had a great time.

My latest adventure with her is crawling out of her crib. I always have everrything in place in her room but the other day for nap time I left a dog on her ottoman and she flipped out and was crying. I did not even realize that was why. We were watching her on the video monitor and then all of a sudden I heard a thump and a loud cry. When I got there she was holding her dog and was happy as can be. She is so silly. She has not tried it again and if she does, toddler bed here we come. I wanted to wait til she was more verbal but who knows. Only time will tell.

I am currently 25 and 1/2 weeks pregnant and almost in the double digits till Baby #2 is here. Still no name though. Hope everyone had a great New Years eve and day.

Does my daughter have any chance of being normal!!!