Monday, May 25, 2009

We are off!!

Daddy's Girls

Headed to my last MOPS meeting

What a cutie pie

Bow head!
We are headed to Indianapolis and then to Tennessee for 5 or 6 days. The girls are staying back and hanging with there Grandma and Great Grandparents. I am going to miss them so much. I am also weaning Cambry from nursing when we are gone. My last baby!
We have been just hanging around going to Sea World, playdates, the normal stuff. We are re-doing the girls room and have been selling all there old furniture. Her bed and rocker are now gone. They are getting bunkbeds that come apart on Thursday.
Here are some pics.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Playing with the pinto beans!

So we are trying to cut down to one nap a day but it is not working out so well.

Her TINY pigtails


Tea Anyone
Well here we are lately. The girls are sitting at their new little tea table and chairs. I am re-doing the girls room this summer. We have had a beach theme for the past 3 years so we are going to try and put them together this summer and do new bunk beds with a dragonfly, butterfly and flower room. I hope it turns out cute. It sure looks cute in my mind but it never turns out like I have in my mind.
We had a great Mother's Day. Busy but great. We had rough night that night with Addisyn waking up(she never does) and the smoke alarms going off and Cambry still getting up, needless to say it was crazy. But I work up and Brady made me breakfast. Addisyn gave me a present and told me what it was as she handed the bag to me. I got a new Bible and a magic bullet!! We then headed to church with my mom and took her, to lunch. Napped and went to Brady's mom's house and got spoiled more with a new dress and purse to match. I had a great day!! I hope my mom did too! She is just what everyone wants in a grandma. So if Brady's mom, our girls are super lucky.
Just a quick post before I head to work. I have been teaching 3 times a week and working out every Tuesday and Thursday morning with some neighbors. We are dedicated. We never miss and have a whole bunch of kids running around us but we get it done. I can tell a different in my muscle mass. I am getting so strong! It is great. This summer will be busy and I will not teach as much and will have to find some time to continue to work out. I also run 1 to 2 times a week. 2 miles or so but it is really hilly. My poor dogs can not keep up, they are so out of shape. My sister gave me a great goal idea for my HS reunion. I hope I make it.
Enough on me, the girls are great. Addisyn is such a chatter box and Cambry seems to be too. It should be interested to see who is more chatty. Addisyn is shy in public but get her comfy and she will talk you ear off!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Days you just live for

These are the best days, that make great memories. The messy faces, the smiles, the smell of sunscreen, dancing to the radio, and just having fun!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mancation and GeeGa


Brady is on a mancation and my girls are at GeeGa's house for the night and I have the night to myself! How nice. I went shopping and took the dogs running. It was great. I almost saw a dog get run over though. It was out on the loose and then it saw us and ran into the middle of the street and a cop almost hit it. I was so scared beyond belief. That would have put a damper on the night for sure. But it did not and it was a cop so he turned on his light and tried to get it for like 2 seconds and then ran off. I hope he makes it!
So a boring post but our birds hatched too. They are so cute in tiny.
Here are a couple of pics of our girls on the way to MOPS this morning!!!
Have a great weekend!