Thursday, January 28, 2010


Addisyn learned this super long versus for Christmas and I was so proud of her. It took her awhile to go get it but she did. In case you can't understand it, it is "For unto you is born this day, a savior, which is Christ the Lord".

Hanging Around

We are doing P90X(Brady and I) ! The girls enjoy the pull up bar as well;) Note Addi loves to wear my jammies, she thinks they fit her just right.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daddy loves projects!!!

This was his latest. Well it was done a long time ago I just forgot to post about it. He built them a little playhouse. It took some time to build but I think it turned out very cute. It is of course still is not done. We need to get the windows in but it has carpet and all!! It is pretty funny when I bring my big dyson out there to vacuum the playhouse!!!!

My lunch dates

I think I might have the cutest lunch dates in town. The girls love to dress up and Cambry loves to be Elmo. Princess dresses she could pass on but Addi is my girly girl and love it all. Lipstick, the wig, shoes, dress and of course the crown. They are so funny!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas games at my house

Addisyn digging in

Cambry is a pro at this point

Headed to Aunts, tired from playing so hard

My turkey

She liked it

The horse was a hit while it lasted

Santa came

Good luck honey

Passed out on the way to church

Milk and Cookies for Santa

Making reindeer food

We had a great Christmas. We started out and headed out to Brady's dad house and celebrated with that side of the family. We even had Brady's Aunt and Uncle from Indianapolis in town. It was great and we even saw a few snow flurries. I just went to look to see if I had any pictures but I guess I forgot to take some. What a bummer.
We were then off to church and it was amazing as always, the girls did great and Addisyn was really understanding that we were there and Christmas was to celebrate Jesus's birthday. She listened and was singing. Cambry on the other hand, lets just say that girl can not sit still and we had to leave. She really wanted to take communion.
We then headed home to bake cookies and make reindeer food and read T'was the night before Christmas.(my sister does that tradition and I thought it would be cute to do it too) Once the girls were down, Brady's fun started and he had a horse to put together which was not bad at all and then Cambry's baby center. It has 46 steps and took the whole time we watched Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Christmas morning was just great. I always thought about moments like these. Addisyn was super excited about her horse. She even opened all her presents on the horse. I am sad to say the horse went back to the store. The tail and head broke within 1 week. Can you imagine what would happen if we had it any longer then that? So she was ok with that, she actually only touched it on Christmas and then forgot about it. Cambry loved opening the presents. After awhile, I do not even think she looked to see what it was, she was just enjoying tearing open the present. They did sit there for 1 month and then finally she was able to have at it. My mom came over in the AM and we worked on my big Christmas lunch. It included my first turkey with turned out great, I think. So we stayed here all day and ate and played. We then headed to Aunt's house and enjoyed Brady's mom side of the family. It was such a great day and seemed to be very relaxing.

We also had to have another Christmas with Brady's Mom side of the family because she was in New Mexico on Christmas so that Sunday they all came over her to celebrate It s nice to break it up. The girls loved it. I had a great idea on Christmas day which is Friday to paint our living room and get new decor. Well do to the fact that we had the party here on Sunday we were really busy painting and trying to get it all ready. We worked ALL day Saturday. I really appreciate my husband going for it. I love it by the way!

Overall it was great holiday season, gingerbread house making, cookie exchanges, Sea World visits, Addisyn getting to go over to her great friend Natalie's house. We are blessed and hope for a great and healthy year in 2010. We wish the same for everyone else too.