Friday, March 28, 2008

2 Weeks til Cambry is here!!!

Look at my big helper. She loves to help let me tell you. She decided to be headless the other night and walked around with her bucket on her head.

We have 99% decided on a name for the baby and it is Cambry Reese. Finally we agreed on something to call this sweet girl. She will be arriving April 11th if she is not here by then. I am going to be induced that day. I am currently 1 1/2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. My doctor things I will make it to my induction day. I have an appointment next Friday and I am going to have her strip my membranes if she thinks it is a safe idea. So either way this should be a smaller baby cause it will be at least 10 days earlier then Addisyn. Thank goodness. I keep thinking any day now but I know we have a way to go. Good thing I don't mind being pregnant.

Here is a cute video of Addisyn. We go to the library every Tuesday with Miss Randi and do story time and get new books. Thank goodness cause I get tired of reading the same books over and over. She loves to read and this story time is great. They even do the parachute and have a great park next door. With swim lessons being over we need structured events. Enjoy Addisyn looking for the snake!!! She is saying, "Where did it go?" Too cute!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!!!!

Happy Easter from our family to yours!!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cute Pics and Video

Happy 75th Birthday GG!!! We love you!
Some cute pics of my girl from the past week. She got a sand and water table for Easter but we gave it to her early. She kind of likes it but really likes to take all the sand out. I caught her yesterday taking a cup full of sand and pouring it on Tex. Poor guy. Then you can see she loves corn on the cob. I think it is so cute how she eats it off the cob. Brady and Addisyn are heading to his football game and I caught some cute pics of them. They are so much alike. You just have to love them both. Finally Addisyn loves to help me water and with the flowers. What a big help!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

YAY No Ear Infection!!!!!

We went to the doctor last week and she is looking great. I am hoping we are out of flu and cold season and done with ear infections. I am so happy.

It is super hard to get pics of her lately as you can see there are not many great face pics.

It is our anniversary tomorrow and we get to go out. Thanks to Gee Gaa. She is spending the night over there.

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and I am sure everything will be great.

35 1/2 Weeks

Giving sissy kisses.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Summary for the past few weeks

At Addisyn's 18 month appointment she had another ear infection. She has had fluid in her ears since December. We go back on Thursday and hopefully it has cleared up, if not we will go see an ENT. She has been pulling at her ears a lot lately still so I am not sure if it is gone. She never complains that her ears hurt. We had just been at the Dr. 2 weeks before her 18 month appointment and she had fluid in there but was not infected and they guess that fluid just got infected cause she has not had any drainage. We will see.

She has grown a bit since her 15 month appointment. She was 22 lbs and 1 ounce (20%) and 30 1/2 inches long (20%) and her head was in the 75%. So she has gone up a bit in her percentage. They are just assuming she is going to be short and petite. She was on par with all of her speaking and motor skills.

We went to the zoo this weekend. Here are a few pics.

I am now 35 weeks pregnant and going strong. I am very blessed to have wonderful pregnancies. My Dr. was trying to convince me to have another baby yesterday cause I do so well pregnant. I told her 2 is enough for us. Brady is happy with his "house full of ladies" otherwise we might consider another but I am content with 2 as well.

Brady and I have been doing a lot of yard work around here so we will be all ready for baby number 2. We still have to get the dogs groomed and clean the carpets and I think we are ready to go. Not too much prep for this sweet girl.

Brady's flag football team is also doing great this season, 4-0. He could not be happier. Addisyn loves to go the games and make dirt angels in the dirt. Face first and try to lick it up. So gross, I know but she is having so much fun, I try to understand she is just exploring.

She has been such a talker lately. She repeats everything. She talks non-stop although we do not understand her all the time. She has also been very clingy. She is sitting on my lap right now as we speak and if you know Addisyn she is in constant motion at all times so this is rare but she has been very clingy. I am super nervous for when #2 comes cause I have a feeling it is going to be a struggle for my attention.

Say a prayer for Addisyn's ears, we do not want her to have all the ear problems that Brady has had. Thanks:)