Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jr. Jaguar Cheerleaders

We have a couple of really cute cheerleaders over here. They really liked it in the beginning but now I think they are done and we are only 1/2 way through the season. So I think this might be our only season. They sure look cute though. They have a competition at the end of October. That should be interesting. Cambry does so well when it is just us but freezes up when she gets in front of a crowd. They sure look cute though!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cambry takes on Preschool

Celebrating with cupcakes

Cambry is super excited to star Preschool . She will got two years just like Addisyn. She is going the same school as Addisyn and goes on Mon and Weds. from 9-2. She went one day last week and today. I am just about to go and pick her up.
Cant wait to see her little mind learn a lot.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Addisyn Turns 5

In case you have not noticed birthdays are a big deal around here. We love and live or them. We make sure you know you are special when it your day from the big birthday bashes we have to you waking up and having the table decorated and your chair is the special one with balloons all around it! Addisyn had school on her birthday so we were in a bit of hurry but we did get to enjoy lunch with her(even Daddy). She has never had school on her birthday because preschool does not start to labor day down here so she got to finally celebrate with her friends at school and have cookies with them.

She got a trampoline for her birthday which the girls love(so do daddy and I). They have been putting the sprinkler under it and enjoying it very much!

She had a huge birthday blow out with about 25 friends!!! We got this really crazy big water slide that made the kids fly down, it was scary!!! They loved it and there was also the pool, and pinata. What a fun day she had!

Addisyn is very excited and really enjoying being 5 and starting kindergarten. She is a typical 1st born child with being the over achiever and listens very well. She is always by the book and just a child you do not have worry about because you know she will listen. We tell her she looks like daddy but acts like mommy HAHA. Not sure she has either of our personalities but I will go ahead and take it since she does not look like me. She is also starting to read. So proud of her and she loves for me to sit down and read with her. She also loves arts and coloring. She is very into animals and stuffed animals. We have so many but gosh she loves them.

This fall we are doing cheer and kids choir. Busy girl but loves it all. She also loves Jesus and has him in her heart. I know for sure!!!!