Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Fun

Picture day at school and I did a bit of make-up on Addisyn

Hugs all night long

More hugs

Dallas cowboys game

At the drive in movie at church

Addi's date

walking the dogs with a beautiful sky

homework time

She loves homework

Reading the book

My girls

Addisyn picked the pink poodle this year

Play doh fun with the kids I watch
Jersey ride
We have had a busy but fun October. All of a sudden this year has BEEN Crazy. Addisyn is in kid's choir goes to school 2 days a week and does tumbling at her school. We are also part of book club that meets once a month on Fridays and the kids read a book and do an activity that goes along with the book. Cambry goes to library time with me every Monday and Weds she has her gymnastics and play group on Weds.
Tuesday and Thursday I watch two sweet kids over here Brady who is 3 and Cassie who is 1. So I have a 1,2,3,4 year old over here. They are all so good together and have lots of fun.
We have been enjoying this awesome weather, went to a Dallas Cowboys football game, tons of birthday parties, and went to Blanco to hang out with the family. Going to try to get Addisyn in horse riding lessons so she can do the rodeo in Blanco in May.
On top of all this fun, Brady bought an RV for his new job and now lives in one. He has been in an apartment since May but wanted to get an RV so he can move with his job and so far seems to like it. We have yet to go and visit him but will try to sometime soon. He is LOVING his new job and doing very well at it. I am very proud of him. Of course I miss him but we do get to see him a lot compared to the others he works with.
Hope to get on here next week and post Halloween pictures. We will be going to the fall festival at Addisyn's school and a neighborhood party and trick-or-treating of course.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brady turns 30!!!

Brady turned 30 September 25!! We had fun celebrating and had a bbq with his friends. A tradition around here is to decorate the table and have balloons and your chair is decorated on your birthday. So of course we did it for Dad. We also made some beautiful cards with glitter paint and stamps.

For his birthday we went to Longhorn Steak house with his mom and Ronnie and the girls. Afterward the girls went with Grandma for the night and we went to hit some golf balls and sad to say we ended the night at HEB. Funny I know but that is what he wanted to do to prepare for the bbq and we were not rushed on Sunday. It was nice.

We are so lucky to have Brady and hope to have him around for another 60.

My 30th is in 2 months so I am next!!!!