Thursday, October 22, 2009

My littl artist

Addisyn got an art easel for her birthday and she is doing so well at her drawing. She loves to draw and so does Cambry. They only like markers though. I guess cause they are bright! Anyway, she is doing very well. Now if we can only get her letters down.

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Ride

Is this not the cutest.

She PLAYED!!!!

Walking next to coach.

Giving me the thumbs up.

In the action.

It can get rough. She almost taken out.

Somehow or another, she decided that she wanted play. She is doing so well. We went to practice last Wednesday and she practiced and then we had a game on Saturday and a make up on Sunday and she played in both. I am so proud of her. She may not be the best but hey she is on the field and running and trying. She even kicked the ball a few times.

Monday, October 12, 2009

18 months old

Cambry turned 18 months old yesterday. To be honest with you, I was just happened to look at the date and realized, oh my, today is your 18 month birthday. With Addisyn, I had it marked down and we celebrated.
Well about my sweet my little girl, I included a video of all the words she can say, well not all but the ones I could think of at the time. She really does talk a lot. She wants to be just like Addisyn. I will give them both their cups to drink and as soon as Addisyn is done and says, here mom. Cambry does the exact same, here mom and she is not even done but if Addisyn is done then she is done. If Addisyn has a stuffed dog, then she has a stuffed dog under her arm too. It is really what I had envisioned. They are started to be such great friends. I do not mind her copying Addisyn, Addisyn is so well mannered and eager to please.
Cambry's favorite word is no. I mean like when they watch Dora and she asked for help Cambry always says no. There is only like one time in the show when "No" is the correct answer which is why I think she started it but now she says it all the time. I will ask her if she wants a snack and she replys no when she means yes. So she is not saying it to be rude, just likes to say no.
She is really into baby dolls. Addisyn was more of an animal, stuffed animal girl but Cambry loves her babies and kisses them and loves to push them in the stroller.
Our neighborhood girls that are like in 1st grade just love Cambry. I think they think she is a live doll. They all want to play with her. I feel a bit bad for Addisyn, they other day we showed up and Cambry was still asleep and they were so excited for Cambry and then she was not there and we were like but here is Addi and they just kind of walked off. Not like Addisyn does not get enough attention for everyone else!
She is still getting her ear infections. I just never even know she has them cause she is a tough girl. I only know that is she has any type of drainage then there will be an infection in our near future.
She will probably be our kid that is a bit more opinionated. Which will keep us on our toes. She likes to be climbing and jumping and can never sit still. She is very different then Addisyn in that manner. As Addisyn got older she did calm down so I am kind of hoping that for Cambry.
But she is so perfect for our famlily. I could have not picked a better fit for our family. God sure does know what he is doing. I thank him everyday for our beautiful healthy girls and count my blessings!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Addi the soccer player???? What do you think?

Pumpkin Patch

Well the pumpkin patch got rained out but at the last minute I got an email saying they were till going to have it but inside. We got to paint a pumpkin, play with pumpkin spice play doh, weigh pumpkins, plant pumpkin seeds and just explore all the pumpkins. It was fun. My poor Cambry was not in the mood to do anything so she was a bit fussy which equals no pictures. I want to go to another pumpkin patch, we are going to Sea World for their fun Halloween activities and at Addisyn's school they are having a fall festival on Halloween night so I think we will do that. Addisyn is really into Halloween this year and it is fun.

Monday, October 5, 2009



Addisyn started AWANAS which is a program ran at churches and they basically teach them memory versus and they earn patches for the vest they earn. Addisyn had to say 4 versus to get the vest and she has earned one patch so far. She is doing so well. She s a young 3 in the class and the others are about to be 4 but she got them down perfect. We get to do story time and play outside, do crafts, and have a snack. It is 1 hour and 45 minutes long. Since she is only 3 , I have to stay with her so it is giving a Brady a chance to watch all the football he wants. So it is working out perfect. She is learning so much about God and his word, it is amazing. Last night Cambry was crying in bed and she yells out, "It's okay Cambry, God loves you!" Now if that does not melt your heart, I do not know what will.