Sunday, September 26, 2010

Addisyn returns to school

My model

Addisyn started 4-k this year and loves it. She has always loved school. She loves learning. The other morning she woke up screaming for me and said, "Mom, mom!" I get in there and she says, " S says SSSSSS. " Really honey, were you dreaming about that. She is learning a lot and has can spell her first and last name now. She got a great teacher, Ms. Leslie. She goes Monday and Wednesday and now goes early on Wednesday to do tumbling for 45 minutes before school starts. She started kids choir this year and really loves it. She says she is shy and never gets the prize for being the loudest. Of course we told Grandma and she says she will buy her the prize! LOL too cute. I did feel bad for her too!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My little girl is 100% Potty Trained

I am so proud of her! Even at night she is dry. I did it at the exact same age I did Addisyn, 28 months. I thought she would be hard to do, but amazingly she did great. She is such a big girl it makes me so proud. Well actually she is so tiny and her but in underwear is too cute!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

NYC for my big 30th

The girls and Ms. Liberty

Subway ride

All of us in Little Italy for dinner

Double decker bus ride

Our hats they sold us on

In front of STK

Hello Kitty in Time Square


Cross found from 9/11

Besties again

Empire State building behind us

On of the many taxi rides

In front of our hotel

On the Top of Rock 70 floors up
Well a bit early... I do not turn 30 til November but my life long best friend turns in September so we celebrated together. It was great. We went with her mom, sister and sister in law. We did all the typical NYC things. We went to a rooftop bar, went on a double decker bus which took us to China town and then to the world trade centers. We went to a fancy dinner at STK which is popular in LA not so much in NYC. Then we hit the town for good time. We also went to see Mr. Liberty and went on a water taxi, went for a walk in Center Park(very short). To FAO Scwartz and then to Little Italy for dinner and finished up with a walk in Time Central. So fun!!!