Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter 2010

Hunting eggs

Daddy's little girl

Addisyn really into it

Playing with the loot

Ready to hunt

Gee Ga and Addi at church

Lots of love

We had a wonderful Easter! We went to church Saturday night and Sunday spent the morning here with our GeeGa and then went to Brady's grandparents house for a yummy lunch and a egg hunt. The girls loved hunting eggs so much this year. We hid the same eggs over a dozen times. Then they would hid them. Cambry loved to hid all of them in one spot and the same spot every time. Then when it was time to find them, she acted so surprised that they were there. It was priceless. They looked beautiful and had a great time!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Season 2 of Soccer

Showing how big her muscles are

She is still the smallest

Here she is scoring a goal from mid field, after she kicks Brady lost it but it going all the way in

Addisyn is on the Lions soccer team this year and she is loving it. Our neighbor down the street has their son on the team as well and they have so much fun(I think that is why Addisyn likes it). Well she is doing so great and even scored a goal!! She is still very girly girl, she comes out to apply lipstick, stops to comment on other girls shoes during practice and likes to wear skorts! We still have a lot more left of the season but I am EXCITED! It is so funny how proud I felt when she scored a goal. I can't wait to see how else she is going to WOW me over the years.