Friday, September 26, 2008

Just for FUN

Here are so pics that I just can not not share. Cambry is eating so much lately. I even give her the biter biscuits cause they keep her busy when I cook. I watch very closely. Don't worry, and also Brady turned 28 yesterday. We had a great day. Family time in the morning and then in the afternoon we got to go hit some golf balls, hit some softballs and then to dinner. We also go him glasses. Happy Birthday sweetie!!!

The Newest Dowlearn

We added two guppies to our family sadly they are no long with us. They were a hit for the day they were with us. We are moving on to a beta tomorrow. Addisyn is super cute with them though. She loves to feed them and watch them swim.

Circus, Soccer Tots, Sea World

What a lucky girl we had last weekend. She got to go to the circus with Grandma and Grandpa Ron and ride an elephant!!! She was way spoiled as you can imagine but loved every minute of it,I heard(except for the tigers).
Then we had Soccer Tots which is basically just motor skills. They only used the ball a ittle bit in the beginning. She liked it a lot. We are going to try one more time tomorrow and then decide if we want to do it.
Finally, on Sunday we went to Sea World cause it was the last weekend for the water park to be open and it was so cold!!! Addisyn rode this big log ride with a 60 foot drop. She loved it. When it was over she kept saying "again" and "more". Too cute.
What a lucky girl and such a fun weekend she had.
My batteries ran out at Sea World and no circus pics so enjoy these few soccer pictures.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

5 months old

Cambry is 5 months old today. How time is flying. She is getting so big. She is really an easy baby. I like to do a list of things you might not know about her on their birthday months. So here we go.

1. Cambry is a great cuddler. She had been in our bedroom up until the other day but recently she got the boot. I put her in the media room area. She will get up and eat at 12 and 4 and then at 6:30 and that is when I bring her in to bed to cuddle til 7:15 ish. Since I am getting up so much in the night and because I can, I take a nap with her from 1-2.(If I never answer my phone at that time, it is because I am getting my nap in) Anyway, we cuddle and I just love to have her skin on mine. She is so soft and it is just great. I will be sad when we are not able to do that anymore. I used to with Addisyn but not anymore. Actually she was sick last week and I tried to have her sleep with us as a special treat to make her feel better and she did not get it. She thought it was a game. So we had to put her in her bed after an hour of her rolling around. This was at 11-12!! So back to my point, Cambry is the best cuddler and I love it.

2. Cambry is a great eater. She has had cereal which she loves. She has liked all of her veggies. I was just going to give her 1/2 a jar but she wanted the whole thing. But the down side is, she will not take a bottle anymore. Which can be hard but now that she is eating food it is better. I left her from 9-7 the other day and the little stinker only ate cereal one or two times.

3. She loves her sister. It is so amazing. She can watch her forever. Addisyn is really good too. If Cambry has toy and she wants it, she will ask her for it and replace it with another toy. So cute. They bathe together every night and Cambry loves to stare at Addisyn.

4. Rolling Queen. Cambry is the best roller and roll all over the place. Not to the point where she will roll across the room yet but she will roll about 15 times in a few minutes if you have her on the ground.

5. Cambry has a hemangioma that has not grown. I can not tell you how nervous I was when I found out about it. Just because I just figured it would grow fast and rapidly. I guess I was just preparing myself for that but by the grace of God it has not. I pray and thank God everyday for that. It is so amazing. I forget it most days when I look at her. Addisyn still points at it and calls it her "ouch".

Well there you have it. I am not always the most elaborate person in my posts cause I don't want to bore you but here is some info to keep you updated.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Old Best Friends Make New Best Friends

My best friend from when I was in 5th grade came to visit with her 15 month old and her fiance. Addisyn and Macie hit it off. Macie was such a doll and Addisyn enjoyed having her 1st friend spent the night. She was sad when they left. She is from Indianapolis. We got to do some fun activities. We went to Sea World, downtown and had a BBQ with some friends from high school. It ended up flying by. There are a lot of pics cause she will be able to download them from here so bare with me.