Thursday, October 13, 2011

Daddy Dad at School

Massage before school

Daddy day at Cibolo Green

Proud to take her Daddy

Brady and Addisyn had a wonderful day at Daddy Day. He got to see what she does all morning long. She is so blessed to have such a wonderful dad. I am not waiting for Mommy day but I don't think that happens:/

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Momma needed a vaction and got the best one POSSIBLE

Redondo Beach

We went shopping and also received free items from "The Talk" but I had to some how fit into my suitcase.

So I am a super Amazing Race fan and I saw one of the girls from the show working as a hostess at the Pink Taco. She was also in beauty pageants and gave a horrible answer.

We show someone filming in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive!

Chinese Theater was like 1 mile from out hotel. Pretty cool!!!

Big Brother winner Rachel and her fiance Brendon who was also on the show.

Beautiful Cassie who is also from Texas.

Besties for 20 years!

Universal City Walk

At CBS stuido!! So neat you could see all the sets!

Headed to "The Talk"

View from our hotel

We arrived!!

Driving to our hotel, so beautiful!

So my best friend and I are doing an annual girls get away! This year our destination was LA. We may be going back next year because we had so much fun!!! It was one of the best trips I have ever had(minus driving in LA) . We had a busy but fun schedule.

The second we got there we were off, we headed straight to The Price is Right. We barely made it and were running down the street but we made it and then had to wait forever. Like 5 hours of sitting and taping. It was a one time experience. It airs December 13 so set your DVRs. Then we headed to the hotel cause we had been up since like 3 and 4 and we were on a time delay so we were in bed at like 8 LA time but hey we are getting older.

Thursday we were headed to "The Talk" for a double taping. It was really neat. We got great seats both times. The second time they pulled us aside, they were waitng for a few VIP people but they never came so they placed us in those seats. We felt special. I was front and center, first row and all!!!

After that we headed to Ulta for hair and make-up. Then we went to our room to change and have few cocktails before our big Big Brother fianle party. It was awesome!!!

Frida was our free day, we drove around, shopped, ate lunch at places we wanted to, in and out burger and pink taco. We were tired from the night before so we were in bed early and Meghans flight left at 8 AM so we had to be up early. Mine did not leave til like 3:30 and my iphone broke so i had no navagition system but I did find Redondo Beach and was able to people watch and do my bible study. Then I found a mall and it was perfect. Everything went so well and it was great spending time with my best friend of 20 years!!!

Can't wait for next year!!