Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1st Cake

My good friend Noel makes amazing cakes. She did all of Addisyn's cake for her birthday and she made one for Addisyn when she was just born and did the same for Cambry. They are so cute. This time Addisyn got to enjoy Cambry's!!

Sisterly Love

It has been rough for everyone getting used to 2 but I can only imagine how it is for Addisyn. All of a sudden having to share her parents but she is doing great. She calls Cambry "baby". She says, "Baby night-night" all the time. She is doing really well. Of course Cambry has had a shopping cart crash into her head once and I am sure it will not be the last but I just have to be on my toes at all times.

Addisyn will rub Cambry's head and say gentle which she hears a lot and give her kisses. They sure are cute.

Cambry's 1st Bath

Her 1st bath was not a sucess. Addisyn loved her bath but Cambry did not care for it. The second one went better!!!

Here is a pic of Addisyn and Cambry in the same towel after their first bath. Addisyn is in the 1st one and Cambry is in the second picture.

Big Girl Bed

Addisyn switched to a big girl bed. She is going to use this one til I get bunk beds and that will be when Cambry is out of the crib. She is doing great. We will turn it the normal way next week.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cambry Reese

Here are some pictures of Cambry finally awake. She is a really good baby. She is a sleeper for sure. I have to wake her up every 2 hours to eat. The doctors orders, and at night I have to wake her up every 3 to 4 hours to eat. She would just sleep otherwise. I have to apply a cold wet cloth to her to wake her up. I feel so bad!!!

Well last Friday when I went to Cambry's weight check appointment the doctor pointed out to me that Cambry has a cavernous hemangioma. It is a birthmark under her eye but will grow and could possibly be the size of quarter and maybe bigger or smaller. There is nothing that caused this it is just a birthmark. I of course took this pretty hard after seeing scary images online. We have done a lot of research and I actually met someone who is 17 months and has one in the same location and the same type. They started steroid treatments a few months back because it was starting to effect her vision and I got the name of some great doctors here in San Antonio. Her's started out the same size as Camby and grew to be the size of a quarter. The shots are working and it is not growing smaller. Now we just sit back and see how it grows. Doctors will not intervene unless it is affecting something because most of them go away. So we will see how it grows but most likely I am thinking at the age of 15 months or so we will be starting to intervene but it all depends on the growing rate. So much prayer would be appreciated that it does not have a long term effect on her and her eye.

Other then that we are all doing great. We are staying home these next 2 days. We have had things to do Monday, Tuesday and Friday and I am excited to stay home today and tomorrow and not get dressed and do my make-up.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A few new pics

Cambry went to the Dr on Tuesday and has lost 6% of her birth weight so she is down to 6 pounds 12 ounces. They are a bit concerned so we have to go back on Friday to make sure she is gaining weight. My milk just came in so I am hoping she is. She just goes to the bathroom so much that I have no idea how she is ever going to gain rate at this rate. She is a bit jaundice too. She was a 4 when we left the hospital and they tested her on Tuesday and she was 13. They take serious action at 20 so I hope it improves soon. Once again I think with my milk coming in that will help.

Addisyn has been pretty good. She is such a Daddy's girl. It makes me happy and sad. She has just been hanging with Dad all week long. They went to the gym and to Chuck e Cheese and been playing non stop. The real test will be on Friday. She does not even want me to read her books, only Dad!!! Kind of hurts my feeling but understand.

Cambry is such a sleeper. I don't remember Addisyn being this much of a sleeper. Which is good and bad. It is really hard to keep her awake to eat. We have to undress her, change her diaper and rub her the whole time she is nursing.

That is about it. I need to take more pics and try to get some when she is actually awake!!!!

Tonight is my first time being alone with both of them. Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Introducing Cambry Reese

Cambry Reese was born at 12:17 PM on April 11th 2008. She was 7 ponds 3 ounces. She was an easy delivery. She gave us a bit of a scare and was stressed during the delivery and came out not breathing very well but was fine after about 20 minutes. We have been trying to adjust and Addisyn is being a great big sister. So far Cambry is a very laid back baby.
More to come later.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Last Post with Just One Kiddo

I only have one more day and then we will be proud parents of 2(God's willing). I am being induced on Friday at 6:00 AM. Dr. King thinks she will be there about 12 or 1. That is not bad. I am really hoping that this labor and pushing in easier. From what I have heard it is. I am already 3 cm and the baby is looking like a 7 1/2 to 8 pounds already as of last Friday.

I have been trying to do a lot of fun things with Addisyn before Cambry is here. It will take me awhile to go out for sure with 2. So I was cramming in a bunch of fun activities for Addisyn. We went swimming yesterday, outside and it was cold but it is funny how it never affects little ones. I did not get in but she was going crazy and it did not bug her at all.
I will try to post pics of Cambry as soon as I am able. Please say a prayer that Cambry arrives safe and healthy.
To explain some of the pics. Addisyn loves to drink her vitamin juice as soon as she wakes up from nap and rub "sissy". We just got our carpets cleaned and she insisted on helping them out with her vacuum. She loves to play with beans and just pour them and put them on our heads. Hey whatever works. It is a good fine motor skill activity when it comes time to picking them up and clean. It was nice on Sunday and we were able to play in the sprinkler. Finally I put her in Cambry's swing. Big mistake and Brady points that out to me all the time. She has not wanted back in lately. I just hope she does not get mad when Cambry goes in there. What was I thinking is right!!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Daddy's Girl

We sure do have a Daddy's girl. Addisyn is so lucky to have a great Dad like Brady. We are so lucky to have Brady work from home and not have to worry about drive time added into his time away. He goes in at 8 and works til about 4. He does not take a lunch break really but will pop out and play a quick game of hide and seek with Addisyn. She just loves him so much. It makes me so happy. Last night when we were at Brady's flag football game, she just loves men and will go up to them and talk to them. So much more then she does to other ladies. I figure it is because she is just so comfortable around her Dad and he is such an active part of her life. How blessed she is and so will Cambry be to have him.