Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun Weekend Equals Lucky Girls

We had a very busy weekend. We were supposed to meet up for a playdate today but I was so tired that I cancelled. We were trying to go to the zoo on Saturday but they were having the March of Dimes at the park right next to the zoo so we were not able to get there without walking a mile to get to the zoo. So we found this park next to the zoo and played for a bit. Addisyn is such a monkey on the playground. She is not scared or shy at all. We see other kids her age but seem more timid but our monkey will try anything and hang on anything. Then we went to this old amusement park place. As you can see it is very old. My mom used to take me there when I was a kid. Addisyn is so cute. She will try any rides and it does not scare her at all. I put a video of her riding the horse ride. She loved this one. It was so loud I figured it would scare her. She also liked the boat ride. That was all we tried. Cambry is a trooper. She just hangs out in the moby wrap or the baby bjorn.

Sunday we went to Sea World. I was not sure I was going to get passes cause it is so far but my sister wants to go to Sea World and so does my friend Meghan when she comes so I figured it was worth it. Brady even had fun and thought it went pretty smooth. After that we had a bbq and Addisyn went swimming. You would think this girl would be tired like I was but nope. She went to bed at 9 and work up at 6:45!!!!

Cambry is doing well. She is a great sleeper at night and is awake a lot more. She does not like the swing I got for her. I got her a really nice one cause I figured she would use it a lot but hates it. She does like this one my friend Noel lent me so that is great. Her hemangioma seems to have grown a bit to me in this past week. We are going to see a dermatologist when she is 2 months old. Other then that she is great. She has great head control and does not mind "tummy time".

Cute story about Addisyn. We pray for her every night and we put our hand on her and say a prayer. We started this about 2 weeks ago. Well today I was putting her down for a nap and I was walking out of the room and she put her hand on her tummy and says "Amen". It melted my heart. So precious. She says amen like a little angel!!!

A lot of stories today. Addisyn is so into dolls and feeding them and changing their diapers. She opens up the diaper on the baby and says "Ewww". I guess I need to watch what I say huh? She also wants to wear the baby bjorn with her dog in it. Too cute.


alesworld said...

Sounds like the family is melding together!:)