Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cousins in town, New Dress I made and Cambry does the big girl bed

So Cambry has been sleeping in her big girl bed for about 2 weeks now. She does great. The only bad part is nap time. She still naps in her pack and play but on Weds I watch a little boy over here and she sleeps in her room and she is one who wakes up in the middle of her nap and cries and then goes back to sleep. She then wakes up Addi and then everyone is up but still did not get their whole nap in. Oh well one day a week is not bad.
I have been trying t sew again. I made the girls zebra and pink dresses. The second one, Addisyn's was much better but I did not picture her in it yet. I will next time she wears it. Cambry's dress looks good from far but far from good up close.
Finally the cousins are here. 3 of Jodi's 6 are here. We have been having fun with them. We went to Sea World together bowling, played hours of hide and seek and they still have 1 and 1/2 weeks left to be here so it should be a lot of fun. That was the first time for my girls to bowl. They loved it. Cambry really did. Stay tuned for more pictures.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Butterfly Garden room

The room is almost done. I still have to hang the big butterflies from the ceiling and I am waiting for Cambry's name to come in and I might change the bedding. The shams that match it were disconitued and I feel like I really need them. So it might change a bit. But look at the cute fence Brady made. I think he did a great job.
Bonus picture of Addisyn being a princess. She wanted to be called Belle all day. She thought cause the 50's girl dress was yellow, she was Belle!
Oh yes and Cambry slept in her bed last night and did great!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Video overload

I got a new computer awhile back and could not figure out the video connection and just kept forgetting. Well I remembered today so enjoy a lot of videos over the past few months!!!

The first one is Addisyn on a ride at Sea World. The second is Addisyn trying out her bunkbeds for the first time. The last one is me teaching them how to do back handsprings and Cambry being cute and crazy in the yard!!!

Cambry is now 15months

Well my little baby is now 15 months and not so much of a baby anymore. We are actually going to try her in a bed tonight!!! She is talking up a storm. She says:
Like it
Ready set go
She can bark
I might be forgetting a few but she is talking a lot and understands so much. She can do spins, happy feet (tap feet), attempt rolls.
She knows a lot of her body parts and a lot of animal sounds and identify many animals. She loves the water but not the pool floatie. She would prefer you to carry her and she kicks like crazy. She is very adventurous and wants to do everything her big sister does. She loves to pretend to be a dog. All you have to say is "are you a dog and she runs and grabs a toy puts it in her mouth and crawls back to you. She can do it forever if you throw it to her. I am sure I am forgetting some of her other cool tricks. Here i a video of her talking about a month ago and also Addisyn and Cambry doing gymnastics.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!