Monday, August 31, 2009

My Big 3 Year Old

The girls have to have the BEST Dad

He will honestly do anything for his girls.

Look at the serious face.

I love my 3 year old.

Her Birthday present from us.

The Birthday girl

Breakfast Party

She was so excited about her "Party" chair

Well I am now the mother of a 3 year old. A very eager to please 3 year old. She is very easy going, very smart and very sweet and loving. She is not too independent, she still likes her Mommy and Daddy to help her. She was 34 and 3/4 inches tall (10%) and 28 pounds (40%). She is going strong with being short. She will start school and soccer this fall. She is also doing Awanas at Church(like a bible school). She loves sweets like her Mommy. She loves her milk and juice water and will drink it all in like 2 minutes, I am talking 12-14 ounces. For those who do not know, after I finished nursing Addisyn(13 months) she liked to rub Brady's nipple. Very weird I know, she did not touch mine but that was their thing. Anyway, they made a deal when she turned 3 she was too big to do that. She talks about it and says now I am 3 no more "bobo". I feel bad cause it was her comfort thing but I know Brady is glad she is done. It was kind of strange and I write it down as this also serves as my memory!
She is the best big sister, Cambry can be the mean one to her and she is still just so loving. I think in the next 6 months, they will grow closer and Cambry will play better.
We are very blessed to have a wonderful healthy 3 year old.