Friday, November 27, 2009

Finally a camera

Excuse the no make up. It was after shopping all night.

She sat on his lap the whole carriage ride about 5 minutes.

Addi and Santa

What a sweetheart.

Her random silly pose

Look at the pretty flowers and of course the sweet girl

Checking them out

Excited to find Santa and the "neigh"

She is such a doll
My camera was broke and I finally got a new one on Black Friday so here are some pictures from today. We went on a carriage ride with Santa and Addi sat on his lap the whole time! It was adorable. Cambry was amazingly not scared either.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween 2009

Addisyn at her school festival.

Loved the animals.

Up close with her Princess make-up.

Her full profile

Dressed up for our Halloween party. I was Kate Gosselin.

The Gosselin's

Sea World Fun

The best one we got of Cambry

The kids!!!

Well my camera broke on Halloween night at Addisyn's school festival. Which I wish I had cause they girls had such good time. Addi loved it but what 3 year old would not want to run up and say "trick or treat" and get candy. Anyway, the next day she told me she wanted to go again and she would go by herself and say trick or treat and use her manners. We had a carnival at her pre school and she loved it. Party at the park with our neighbors and then went trick or treating. We went to Sea World on Friday with some friends and Brady and I went to a party and were Jon and Kate Plus 8.
FUN FUN Halloweeen. I love this time of year.
Right now poor Cambry has poor Hand foot and mouth virus and another double ear infection. She is feeling so bad. ENT here we come.