Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Water time

Kite on the roof, our neighbor let it go and it flew on there for hours

Our bird house is getting a lot of use from the squirrels and birds. We love to watch all the animals for hours
Lots to share sorry for the overload!

Addisyn Graduates from AWANAS

Her graduation present

Big smile

The proud family

Her cubbie bear patch

Going to get her award

Silly girl
Addi learned about 30 versus this year and did great. She had her little graduation and got her cubby bear patch. She has next year in Cubbies and will work on book 2. I love hearing her saying Scripture.

She is trying:)

Her "Hooray" dance

And doing great. Not all the way potty trained but will go a lot during the day!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

My "Wild one" Turned 2

Cambry is my wild girl and had Madagascar themed party. We had a small one with just family but our family is a party in its own and she sure did feel special. She woke up on her birthday to steamers and the whole house decorated for the party later that day. Then there were 20 balloons all in the playroom for when she exited her room.(My friend Jenny did that for her girl and thought it was cute but my fear was she would wake up in the middle of the night ready to party) Then we got to go and pick out her cake. She just thought that was the coolest. Nap time and then party time. We just hung out, ate and opened presents(her favorite part). She really had a special day!

She was the same height and weight as Addisyn when she was two. As for you sweet girl, you are very feisty and have your own opinion! You have a very sweet side too. You love babies and take such good care of them. I know one day you are going to be a great mom. I think you might do something with kids when you grow up. We are going to start potty training you in the beginning of June. You go all the time on the potty right now just not all the time. You have so many words! They may not be the clearest but you sure do say a lot. You can count to 10 and know your ABC's. You love to swing. You go just as high as Addisyn does on the big girl swing and give mommy a heart attack. I cherish everyday with you and love to spend one time on you!