Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Long long time no blog!!!

Wow have been a bad blogger or what.  We have been pretty busy as always this summer.  The girls have dance, Cambry has soccer and we go swimming a lot.  But the main change is Brady is Waco M-F for work so that is hard.  Thank goodness for the gym and their wonderful childcare center.  They also have an amazing pool that we use all the time. 
We went to visit my best friend Meghan who lives in Kentucky and has 2 girls who are 5 and 2 and all the girls just loved each other.  They ask to go back all the time.  I want to go back too but I wish it was easier. 
We just finished having the cousins here for like 2 or 3 weeks.  That is always so much fun.  We get to do some awesome stuff when they are here like the circus, Splashtown, movies, swimming, bowling and of course just visiting with everyone.
And the biggest news of all is we are expecting another child via the foster care system.  We are finally getting our license tomorrow and then we will be in the pool to get our sweet girl.  We are requesting a child from the age range of 6-9 and hope to get like a 6 or 7 year old girl.  We hope to get her before school starts but we are just leaving all this in the Lords hands because we HAVE TO.  Brady heard the Lord speak to him Feb. 5th at church and we obeyed and have done all the steps in order to get that sweet girl.  The girls are very excited as are we.  Just nervous but we have such a wonderful family and support system that we want to share with another child. 
I will do my best to be a better blogger but enjoy some pics!!!                                                      Celebrating Memorial Day

                                                               Fishing is their new passion
                                                               Love her curls
                                                        Addisyn at her class party(she is so short)
                                                            Her wonderful teacher
                                                            Addi, Macie and Cambry
                                                          Fun times in TN
                                                        Swimming at the indoor waterpark
                                                          Downtown Gattlinburg
                                                                    Boating day
                                                                 Pure JOY
                                                            We hope to get a boat next summer
                                                            They are so brave
                                                           Horseback riding day
                                                           Swimming day
                                                           Cambry's first soccer game
                                                         Had lots of fans with face paint for her
                                                                   It was hot!
                                                               Dancing girls
                                                       Trying to get a 4th of July family pic
                                                        Friends since birth basically
                                                        Chloe and daddy bowling
                                                  Trying to get a group pic, Cambry is priceless
                                                            Craft day (love pinterest)