Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No More Rain

Well it is still raining over here which leaves us trapped in the house. With all the rain Addisyn is getting some quality time in with the dogs. It has been a quiet week so far over here. Addisyn must have caught some kind of stomach bug. She slept in til 7:15 Monday morning and I saw so excited but when I went to get her, as I walked in I smell something very unpleasant and she had poop all over the bed and all up the front and back of her. Poor thing, then she has 4 more dirty diapers yesterday and already 2 today. I hope she gets to feeling better and eating something.

Aunt Jodi is in town for work and we were able to join her and the family for dinner on Sunday. She leaves today I believe, safe travels to you. Also her 2 boys are going to Nationals in track this week so we wish you boys the best of luck!!!