Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Fun inside a lot cause of Cambry

I know there are a lot but with my sister in law not coming to visit this summer. I want to make sure she sees the girls in action.
We have had a lot of fun with our sissy. Even when Cambry naps you can see Addisyn checks on her. Addisyn likes to do tummy time with her and loves to look at her on and play with her. Cambry was holding a toy yesterday and Addisyn thought it was the greatest thing ever. Way too cute.
Addisyn also likes to do dress up as you can see. She puts some cute outfits together. Finally you can see this toy that was Addisyns and it converts into a little table so I got it out for Cambry and Addisyn decided she loves it all of sudden and sits there all the time.

How many do you think?

We counted our stuffed animals the other day and we had 78 I believe. It was crazy. We were bored and knew we had a lot and we were right. I believe 27 are from Grandma Slaughter!!!! Then we had fun hidding the kids in them.

Rockport Fun to Celebrate 65 years of marriage

We went to Rockport to celebrate Brady's grandparents 65 wedding anniversary. There was a lot of family in town and it was a great time. It is was truly an honor to celebrate with them. It is amazing the love they still have for each other. Brady got to do some fishing. Addisyn got to play with her cousins from Germany and got to swim and play at the beach. Cambry and I hung out and relaxed. Addisyn was having a lot of fun hanging out with her 83 year old great grandpa in the ocean. It was really cute.

Retama Racetrack

With Addisyns new found love for horses we decided to take her to Retama where they race horses. They had a petting zoo which she was very aggressive at. You can even see the pig nibbling on her finger and it did not phase her. She grabbed the goats rope and was trying to walk them and was saying "Come on goat." Then they had a pony ride which was so much fun for her. She got off and started saying, "Again, again" but the line was too long. We need to take her to go ride at Pops house. Cambry sat this one out and played with Gee Gaa.

Farm Animal Fun

Addisyn has been in love with Farm Animals lately. Here are few pics of what she does with them. She is really into horses right now. What an imagination she has. She also likes to line them up on the ground and run around them.

Monday, June 16, 2008


We tried to do a photoshoot with all the kids and it was hard. We got a few good ones. My sister is going to be editing the ones she took but these are a few that we got with our camera. We did some family shots and tried to do one of all the cousins but it was hard to get 6 kids 5 and under to take a pic. Here are a few!!!!!

Cousins come to visit

We have been very busy the last couple of weeks enjoying our cousins, Aunt and Uncle. They were here for a week and 1/2 and we got to do a lot of fun things with them. We hung out a lot and I got to meet Finley for the 1st time. We went to Sea World one day. This carnvial next to the zoo and my sister and brother in law got to go to Schlitterbahn for an adult trip. It was super fun. We ended the trip with a bbq yesterday at my mom's which was great. I some how forgot my camera most of the trip. It was kind of busy and I kept forgetting it. It was great fun and we will miss them dearly.