Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Events

We have been enjoying all the Christmas Events. Here are a few of the things we are doing. In case you live in San Antonio or gives you ideas for where you live. We went to a Stone Oak Festival where they had 40,000 lbs of snow. It was kind of cool. The closest we have ever seen to snow. There they had rides and a horse drawn carriage ride that of course Addisyn loved and when it was over we had to leave cause she just wanted to do that over and over. We also went to a Nutcracker play at the Magik Children's Theater. It was a hit. I was a bit nervous but all the kids loved it. Even an 18 month old. We were in the 2nd row and so close to all the action. It was not your normal nutcracker. It was very funny.
We also went to Bass Pro Shop where they have a very organized free photo with Santa. You think free and you think Crazy but wow, they were so organized and gave you number cards so you were not waiting in line forever. They also had different activites on the weekend. We went and they had decorating cookies. They also had a remote control car you could drive, shooting range and of course that store is just cool to walk around in the 1st place. It was a great time. We did not get a picture of Addisyn on Santa this year. She is not a fan of him this year. She does know he is going to bring her Rainbow Dash.
We also went Caroling at a nursing home and that was so much fun. They were so sweet and loved to see our girls. Addisyn loves to sing, "We wish you a Merry Christmas". I hope to do it again next year.
I had MOPS and that is more for me but it makes me really want to make sure my girls know the real meaning of Christmas. With all the presents involved I really want them to know it is to celebrate Jesus's birthday 1st and far most. I think Addisyn grasps that concept. We have been on a tight budget this year with Brady being in the construstion field but we made sure to make it a point to give to some families we adopted cause although it has been tight, it is so more important to give then to receive and we are blessed with what we have.
We also went downtown to this wonderful new hotel they build and had storytime with Santa. Addisyn was scared of Santa there too but Cambry took a picture on his lap.
We are going to hit up Sea World on Wedsnday and then we have Brady's sister in town so we are always busy then. I am just so blessed to stay at home and do these fun activites with my girls.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I want Candy

The girls got to do Gingerbread houses with their GeeGa. They had a great time. Addisyn would eat 5 and put on her house. Let's just say she did not eat that much at dinner. They had a great time though.

8 Months

My little "sweet pea" as her Grandad calls her turned 8 months. She is such a big girl. She is walking behind push toys and pulling up and cruising everywhere. We went to a playdate yesterday and she was pulling up and if you would see the look on her face, she was so proud of herself. She really thought she was hanging with all the big kids. She was too excited to nap and the second we got in the car she passed out with in 15 seconds. We will not tell the big kids, it will ruin her image. J/K She found this one toy over at our friends house and she knew this was the one toy that she could pull up and push and it would not tip over. She is already figuring these things out.
She had been doing great at night and sleeping from 8-3or 4 but the last 2 nights she went back to her old ways and is getting up every 3 hours. I can't wait til that part is over.
She is of course in love with her sister, even though sissy will push her away and not always share(we are working on that)she always comes back for more.
Cambry is eating "real" food or some of what we eat. She was not digging the baby food so much so after she eats 1/2 jar I give her some of what we are having and she loves that.
What a wonderful 8 months!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No pain, No pearls

Well there was no pain for Cambry. This tough cookie did not even cry. It was truly amazing. They said they have never seen anything like that before. Every kid or baby cries they said. Not Cambry she made on silly face when it went in but that was it. I was nervous cause I did Addisyn's so young and thought for sure Cambry would know what was going on. It was so adorable. The picture of her smiling was seriously 30 seconds after we were done. Now she has her pearls. She is going to be my prim and proper girl. Merry Christmas Cambry!!! (That was one of her presents)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving and More


I do not know what I have been doing but we have been super busy. So I am putting a whole bunch of random photos on here. We have gone to Sea World a couple of times and enjoyed the Christmas theme they have going on. We took Cambry and she seems to enjoy it as well.
Cambry cut her top 2 teeth! She has been grinding them together and it drives me crazy(like nails on a chalkboard thing). SHe is crawling and starting to cruise. I think she is going to be an early walker.
We enjoying Thanksgiving with Brady starting a Turkey bowl! He had a great turn out. He was super excited. I did bootcamp in the morning. I am hardcore I tell you. J/K Then we headed out to Blanco for a country style Thanksgiving with horses, chickens, cows and sheeps. It is so much fun Addisyn out there. Oh and they have dogs and cats too. I think Addisyn was meant to live on a farm.
Sorry to overload you with pictures. I just never know what to share. I know my mom likes to see them all so at least I know one person enjoys them.