Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can you handle all of this cuteness?

Have to love that one dimple my girls has.

Addisyn dressed up as the penguin to play the Wii. She saw and remembered that she had the outfit from halloween. I was so surprised she remembered.

Silly Addisyn likes to "ride the potty backwards" as she says!

Addisyn being silly for the camera

Cambry loved the sand and had so much fun!

Look at the dolphin jumping in the background.

Cambry looking cute headed into Sea World

Don't know why it came out sideways but this is us celebrating 3 years of marriage.

Cambry snuggles with her blanket now
Well things have been busy here as normal. Cambry had another double ear infection poor girl and Addisyn is teething and it bothers her a lot. She has been running a high fever due to it and is just not feeling up to par. She has been better lately. I see an end in sight with Flu and Cold season almost over.
Addisyn says so many funny things these days. I always want to write them down but forget. So lets see. She is always a princess and wants you to call her princess at all times. This is coming from the girls who's mom is not the biggest fan of being know as a princess but somehow she insists. The funniest part was, I was trying to get Cambry to say Addi and Addi pipes in and says, " Can you say Princess?" Gosh sorry Addisyn, I forgot to teach Cambry to call you princess. So silly.
She also has an imaginary mouse. I thought there was one in my laundry room the other day but it was a bird anyway, Addisyn is into mice and she carries one around all the time. The best part is if we pretend to grab it or suddenly have it, she does not like that and wants it back ASAP.

She is also totally into picking out her clothes these days which normally consists of PJ's or a "Princess dress"(a pink dress). The other morning she work up at 6 crying!!! We went in to see what could possibly be so wrong that she was freaking out, well she was wearing Dora princess PJ's and decided that she wanted strawberry PJ's now. So we changed her and she was up for the day. Can you believe that silly girl.
Those are a few funny stories but trust me the list goes on and everyday it is something new.
Sea World opened back up and we got passes again. We took them this past weekend and they had great time. It was super busy due to Spring Break. We will not do that again but overall it was a great trip.
My latest adventure is I really want to try and sew. So I am going to. My mom bought me an extra early birthday present of a sewing machine and off I go!! Thanks mom and wish me luck. I have to success now to make my mom proud,right? I will post some of my work if it turns out ok.