Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring has arrived

Spring in San Antonio means pool and sprinkler time. Well it was that way for a couple of days. We even went to Sea World and were able to hit up the water park. It opens in April which is pretty early I think. The girls loved it. Here are so cute pictures of them enjoying the kiddie pool, play set(that my wonderful friend Noel game us, she is so generous to us) sprinkler.
Also a while back Addisyn and Brady made a birdhouse. I made fun of him cause it was just supposed to be a feeder but he built a house and made this very small opening for a bird to go in and I thought there was no way a bird would go in there but sure enough it did. Brady and I saw him dropping grass in there a few weeks ago but did not see him in there anymore(I call it a him but not sure what it is). Well yesterday Brady was dropping a stick in the hole and zroom it flew out and flew right into our sliding glass door. I felt so bad for him. Anyway, I looked in there and there are 5 little eggs. We are going to have baby birds. Don't ask me why but I am so excited for them.
Last Addisyn is having fears of dinosaurs lately. We have this DVD "Goodnight Moon" and there is this short movie on a boy having a monster in his closet and Addisyn thinks it is a dinosaur but anyway, she is scared and talks about it all the time. But she loves to watch the movie over and over. She is silly. I just can't believe how big she is.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Pics

The girls had a wonderful Easter. They were super spoiled and got 4 Easter baskets. They had the most adorable dresses thanks to my friend Noel(thanks so much)! We went to church at 9 and it was an amazing service. We then when to Brady's grandparents for lunch and an egg hunt. It was fun. We also had an Easter egg hunt on that Friday with some neighbors. Addisyn did great this year.
We are most thankful that Jesus is still alive!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Birthday

Here are a few more pictures. Cambry had a great time and I think the kids did too. It was just really cold (60) and raining which is not ideal when you rent a big moon bounce and have a little one. Just was not what I hoped for. But live and learn. The next party will be inside for sure. Cambry had about 15 little friends and neighbors over.
She was of course spoiled rotten and got so many gifts from our wonderful family and friends. It will be a fun summer with all the new outdoor toys.

Happy Birthday Cambry!!!

I created a big post and it was going crazy on me so here are a few pics for now. I will update and put up more later. It was pretty good. The weather was horrible but hey the kids had fun and it is what it is. No more outdoor birthdays for us though.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sewing my new hobby??

Too long so I made it shorter but then too short. Oh well still learning:)

My 2 dresses

Addi in hers!

Me and my little girl.

I am trying to sew. I thought I needed a hobby and I thought this one was very rewarding. I have a lot of learning to do that is for sure. But it is a lot of fun. So stay tuned for more outfits by Beth Dowlearn!!!

McKenna's Children Museum

The girls riding on saddles. They are used to those

Don't know why it is sideways but here they are being bankers.

Cowgirl Addisyn

On the camel

The girls working hard. Addisyn had to wear the hat to play. She is very official.

Introducing astronaut Cambry

Addi in the teepee.

Addisyn Fishing

We took a drive out to New Braunfels and headed out to this wonderful children museum. It is great. I like it better then the San Antonio one. The San Antonio one is downtown and if you find parking anywhere close you have to pay and then there is ALWAYS field trips there. I have learned to call ahead see how many field trips they have that day and if so what time will they be there. There was a school when we were there but when they left it was so nice.
Anyway, I was a bit nervous thinking I would have the kids running to two different directions cause yes Cambry runs and has her own opinion and her own agenda. But we managed to stay together and all have a great time (as you can see by the pictures).
Now we have had a very bad stomach bug since Thursday. Addisyn has been super duper sick. It makes me so sad. She has lost 1 to 1/2 pounds and has not had anything to eat really except a banana since Thursday. Cambry started last night with her bout of this bug. I just hope they get to feeling better before Cambry's birthday next Saturday.