Monday, February 21, 2011


Sick Addisyn opening up her Valentines

She was so sick

This girl was not sick as you can see

Addisyn got her first "diamond" from her boyfriend Solomon

Addisyn handing out Valentines

They were all so good

Making the bags

Working hard
Well this Valentine's was pretty sad. Addisyn had the flu and was miserable. But on the Friday before we had a Valentine's party with our book club and the girls had a great time. We made Valentine's bags and the kids exchanged Valentine's and had a lunch and plenty of treats. They all had fun with is good due to the fact on the real Valentine's addisyn was miserable and had to miss her school party:(
We took them to Build a Bear a week before Valentine's as their present and we will never being do that again. $85 later the bunny and bear are not being played with.
I got a new pair of running shoes for Valentine's which I love and Brady got a new pair of Under Armor shorts he has been wanting.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snow 2011

Pulling up the sled

Our neighbor let us borrow their sled

Cambry loved eating it

Happy about her snow ball

Making snow balls

Snow angels on the driveway and street.

Cambry's turn

Pretty cold

Trying to get a picture together but not so great
Well snow in San Antonio is not very likely so we were so excited to wake up and see snow all over! We hurried and got up and dressed and headed outside. Daddy was not here to play with us but they had fun for about 20 minutes and then they were too cold. We headed back inside for blue snowflake pancakes and hot cocoa. I like the snow but sure am glad I do not live where it is cold a lot. I am not a big fan of the cold and apparently the girls are not either.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My first Mission trip and Brady's 2nd

Cambry with her Mexican candy

Addi, I thought they were cool from down there but saw them at HEB the next day!

All the kids

Helping her make a bracelet and the girls even donated some toys

This 13 year old boy is awesome and such a amazing christian.

The finished product

The children's room

The outside of the church

Painting with my main man

Half way done

Painting away

Brady hard at work

The stage I painted with another girl

Having fun

Before picture
We went to Laredo, Texas which is a border town of the United States and Mexico. If you go any farther north on 35 you have to go through border point check so a lot of people live in Laredo and it is not that wealthy of a city. They ministry we went through used to go into Mexico to do work but now they have to stay on this side of the border due to all the crime in Mexico right now which is sad cause they need a lot of work over there.
So went to this church that is one big room and they wanted to add another room for the kids and we built a wall and put in a room for them. We also painted a good part of the church. That is where I stepped in. We went down on Friday and came back Sunday so it was a quick one.
On Sunday we did church service with them and I bought a lot of crafts to do with the kids. They really enjoyed it and so did I. The service was in Spanish so I was not understanding it anyway.
All in all it was a great time. We made some friendships that was really neat. We will do more for sure. This ministry goes to Panama City and I really want to do that one. They used to have to live in a jungle but now they stay in the city and go to the jungle for a few days!! Sounds so cool to me. The only down fall is now Brady does not work for his Dad that time off is bit harder now:(
So neat to see so many different walks of lives that on fire for Jesus!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

We are adding a new member to our family....

Scratchy Dowlearn!!!!

The first night

It's ride home.
Cambry on her date.
Addisyn headed to the cheer clinic
The other night Addisyn went to a dance clinic for one of the local high schools around here so we dropped her off and took Cambry on a date. We ended up going to this hamburger place across from Petsmart. We had plenty of time before we had to go get Addisyn so I said let's take Cambry to Petsmart to just look. Well I had impulse buy!! We went to look at the cat's and I just felt like getting one. So we let Cambry pick it out and name it. She chose the one that played with her the most through the glass. She chose a pretty cute name. We did not even help her. Anyway, this cat has been a big hit. It sleeps with Addisyn and she loves it so much. I do feel bad for Cambry cause she is not as gentle so right now it prefrers Addi over Cambry. I was never a cat person. My mom is allergic and we never had them growing up but I will say it is growing on me for sure!