Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finally!!! I am back

Silly hair day!!

Sit ups at practice

Holding legs

We have about 50 girls and 5 coaches

Look at her hair! She had a water bottle in there.

The girls love to play in the dirt and it drives me nuts!

Our Silly pink hair!!

Well I am finally back. My computer caught a nasty virus and I had the blue screen of death back in March and now I lost everything on my computer but I have it back. Thank goodness Brady had all the pics on his computer but he does not organize like I do or how I like them.

So we have had a great summer. We did swim lessons, dance class, beach trip. We have had lots of days swimming. Thank goodness cause the high for today is 105!!! My girls are little fish and they love to swim. They both swim freely all over the pool!!!

We also got Fiesta Texas passes this year and have been enjoying that.

So now we are on to CHEERLEADING! I was big into cheerleading growing up and then I coached gymnastics and cheerleading for 6 years!!! So I was super excited to get my girls into it. They are both starting this fall and I am Coach Mommy. It is very intense we are in training right now outside from 6:30-8:30 4 days a week for two weeks but not that it is too bad but with the temps being 105 it is killer. Coach Beth is wearing her heart rate monitor out there and burning 500-700 calories out there too. Which is nice cause at the gym I have been doing yoga the last few weeks which burns a lot less calories but make up for it at night.

They are really enjoying it. I included some pics from this week. Yesterday was silly hair day and today is backwards day(it was my idea to include some fun into the week).

I will try to update more often.

Hope everyone is having a blessed and wonderful week.