Sunday, December 18, 2011

New House

Our favorite part of the house is our garage. The girls ride their bikes for hours and Brady got a basketball goal to put in there for Christmas.

My side of the closet!

Brady's side of the bathroom and so much storage.

Jacazzi bath and a bigger shower then our last.

My side of the bathroom and a toilet with a door.

Our huge master bedroom.

Had to add in my new Christmas present. I love it!!! I even got to get it early!!

My mirror that holds all my jewelry.

Our view from our bedroom, not tons of houses!

Our seating/workout area in our room.

View from our room

The girls zebra bath in their room

THey have a big girl bathroom, so they think.

New dresser and rock star zebra decor.

Decor in girls room

Big girl room

The worst part of house, small laundry room with no shelves to hang clothes

View of loft area

Extra bedroom

Extra bathroom upstairs

Brady's office is still a diaster.(downstairs)

Girls playroom is now downstairs.

Downstairs full bath

Fireplace for Santa and sorry Brady your dream for an 80 inch tv will not fit in this spot

Our new living room set. Trying something different in here

Love my kitchen

My area, missing a dining room table

Do not really like the refrigerator

Wet bar area that is my craft drying spot .

Love my big pantry

View from formal dining/living area

View from front door

Love these french doors that opens to a great patio and the plantation blinds through out

We love our new house. We rented out ours and are renting this one. We have an 18 month lease and so our renters. We called back to switch to a 3 year and our renters want a 3 year lease! Moving is no fun!! So we will see. Our goal is to keep our old house to the market recovers or to keep long term as an investment property. We will see how it plays out. Right now we are just enjoying this beautiful house!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Attacking Dev

The young cousins

The foam pit

Dodge ball for the boys

Cambry having a blast

Hawkins girls

2 headed Jodi

Cousin love

Airplane ride with mommy

On the airplane

We headed out to Phoenix for thanksgiving. Boy was this an adventure. The girls and I flew out there on my birthday. Brady and his mom drove up there that night. We had some great girl time with just Jodi and I and the girls. We surprised the kids on there way home from school and even surprised the big 8th graders as they got off the bus. Thank goodness they were not that embarrassed that they had their whole family hiding behind a bush and they got off the bus. They are some cool kids cause I know I would have been embarrassed back in the day. That night Jodi wanted to take me out for my birthday dinner but my stomach was hurting. I thought it might have just been menstrual cramps so I treated it for that with midol.

The next day we went and did a crossfit workout with the Hawkins crew and I could not walk for the next 4 days. It was so good. I wanted to do more but my stomach was still in so much pain. Later that day we went to this great jumpy place and jumped for 2 hours straight. I was doing back tucks and backhand springs. This 31 year old can still do it!!!

The next day we got up early and went to watch Deavean play football. He was so cute in his little uniform. PS my stomach is still hurting and this is Thanksgiving. I am thinking it may be constipation so I treat for that and let's just say it was not a great idea. I ended up going to bed really early and leaving everyone.

The next day we go watch Deavean again. He does great. We hit up some black Friday shopping and end it with a night at the park playing a family game of soccer. We then head back home for some Mad Gab, barbie go fish and old maid. It was so much fun to play with everyone.

Our last day we went to the movies and just hung out before we left at 7 PM to drive through the night. The girls did great. I am still in pain but just taking a lot of pain meds.

We get home and I go to the urgent care to see what is going on. He thinks it is just a UTI. He does not think it is my appendix but says it might not be a textbook case and if it still hurts the next day to call so he can order a cat scan. Well it did hurt so off I go to the cat scan and then straight to the hospital to get it out. I had a rare case and it was wrapped around my colon. I was there for one night. I wanted to leave so they let me go the same day as my surgery. We moved 2 days later!!! It was a mad rush. My next post will be of the new house. I love it but wow it was some work getting here. My poor hubby has been working so hard to get everything perfect here and the old house ready for the new renters as I recover for my surgery. Whee I am tired again of just the storyline. I did so much with my appendix about to rupture. I am so glad it did not and I did not have to go the hospital in AZ. Loved being with the Hawkins for thanksgiving though!!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


The girls favorite part was handing out candy.

Cambry striking a pose.

Work it Addisyn

Addisyn and her boyfriend Solomon

The crew!

My Strawberry

Pumpkin Carving time

Party at the neighbors

Addisyn and her cute friend from the gym at the gym halloween party

Headed to the gym party


I am slowly getting up to date. We have had a lot going on over here. We were in Arizona for 6 days, then the day I get back I go to the doctor and find out I have to have my appendix taken out all 2 days before we are moving and I have to pack, move and clean the old house. Whee I am ready to slow down which it has been this week!!! We love our new house! It is so beautiful.

So here are some Halloween photos. We were in Corpus the weekend before Halloween so we missed a lot of events. We just went trick or treating and had our annual picnic at the park! Addisyn was a cute little lady bug and Cambry was Strawberry Shortcake. We love face paint around here. We do it on a daily basis almost.