Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Last Post with Just One Kiddo

I only have one more day and then we will be proud parents of 2(God's willing). I am being induced on Friday at 6:00 AM. Dr. King thinks she will be there about 12 or 1. That is not bad. I am really hoping that this labor and pushing in easier. From what I have heard it is. I am already 3 cm and the baby is looking like a 7 1/2 to 8 pounds already as of last Friday.

I have been trying to do a lot of fun things with Addisyn before Cambry is here. It will take me awhile to go out for sure with 2. So I was cramming in a bunch of fun activities for Addisyn. We went swimming yesterday, outside and it was cold but it is funny how it never affects little ones. I did not get in but she was going crazy and it did not bug her at all.
I will try to post pics of Cambry as soon as I am able. Please say a prayer that Cambry arrives safe and healthy.
To explain some of the pics. Addisyn loves to drink her vitamin juice as soon as she wakes up from nap and rub "sissy". We just got our carpets cleaned and she insisted on helping them out with her vacuum. She loves to play with beans and just pour them and put them on our heads. Hey whatever works. It is a good fine motor skill activity when it comes time to picking them up and clean. It was nice on Sunday and we were able to play in the sprinkler. Finally I put her in Cambry's swing. Big mistake and Brady points that out to me all the time. She has not wanted back in lately. I just hope she does not get mad when Cambry goes in there. What was I thinking is right!!!!!


Katie said...

Good luck on Friday Beth. I was just checking in on you. Everything will be fine and go smoother, you'll see. Can't wait for our phone call on Friday. : )

Emmitts said...

I missed you tonight at the football game! I hope to be able to stop in and see you Friday or Saturday. I'm so excited for you guys! Can't wait to meet little Cambry!

alesworld said...

Wishing Cambry a Nathan-like arrival (with the epidural)! Godd Bless all 4 of you!