Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This and That

My baby girl and I on Memorial Day

Girls enjoying cookies on Memorial Day

Fun with friends

More Iphone invasion

Celebrating sweet Fiona and Melinda's baby boys coming this summer

Invasion of Iphones
I have not been blogging much and have not been taking too many pictures. Not sure why but I am sure with all the events we have going on this summer I will make up for it. Tomorrow Addisyn has her 1st day of dance so I will have pictures of that for sure. Then Cambry has gymnastics, Addisyn has cheer camp and swim lessons and VBS and on and on!!!

Big news though, Brady GOT A NEW JOB! It is a good and a bad thing. A great job and great company but he will be living in a small town 1 1/2 hours away in Nixon, TX. He will come home and we will visit but it will be a change for sure. But the Lord gave him this opportunity and we had to accept. We will continue to pray for an easy transition for everyone. I got to get my gym membership back and we have been enjoying that. They have a great pool and I love the classes they have there for me to work out! I have been hitting it strong.

Soccer season is over (YAY) did I say that out loud! It is way too hot to have 2:30 games and sit in the sun melting when you daughter does not play. No more soccer for us.