Tuesday, January 25, 2011


He was happy to has his girls check it out

Entertainment center

The refrigerator and bunk beds

The living room(I thought we packed light but in that small of a space it did not seem like it)

The view from the back. It has a slide out so it seems bigger.

The master bedroom(the only bedroom)

Girls enjoying and popcorn

They loved the top bunk
Well Brady got a new job in May(not so new anymore). Basically he buys land to put in pipelines. So his work location changes often and they are also in pretty rural areas. He was living in an apartment for the first 6 months but then he bought an RV. He bought a small one and then he decided to upgrade and got a bigger one so we decided to go and visit. I call it camping cause the sign said camping RV grounds. But basically it is where Brady lives when he is not here. It was interesting... when we got there it was like 7 and Cambry slept the whole way up there but she thought the bunk beds were cool so she wanted to go to sleep. Don't worry she did not go to sleep til like 10:30. Then Brady had not got "all the kinks" work out. So we found out it needs a new battery. Not a big deal but the CO2 alarm kept going off. I thought we were going to die of poisioning. I was very close to going home. But Brady had unhooked the propane so he promised it was safe. We survived!!! We will go in the summer, it is right on the lake, has a pool, fishing, paddle boats.